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Laugh, Cry, Wear the Vagina Pants

Armed with opinions and a free Zoom membership, Parker & Olive set out to change the world one video conference call at a time. Their weekly internet salons grapple with art, culture, sociopolitical issues, and great teen soaps fo the early 2000's. With the help of their reluctant friends, Parker and Olive might just learn something. Must be 18 or older to watch. Mature Subject Matter 

Viewer Discretion is Extremely F*cking Advised. 

About the Series

A bite sized comedic web series created during quarantine by Rachel Rios, Lennon Hobson, and Curtis Waugh. Parker & Olive follows 2 millennial women as they battle with their generational struggles on a zoom platform. With the intent to entertain with satyrical wit, the creative team decided to see what comedic possibilities existed over the zoom platform during a pandemic. The entire show is filmed socially distanced over zoom in different locations and with covid- compliant set etiquette. 

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P&O Logo FINAL.png
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