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Height: 5' 6"   |   Eye Color: Blue  |   Hair Color: Blonde


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Cool Beans Comedy         |   Comedy Against the Odds       | Stand-Up Comedian 

WompStomp Fims            |   Never Hike Alone 2                 |  Supporting

Rachel Rios                      |   The Moistest                            | Lead

WompStomp Fims            |   Never Hike in the Snow           |  Supporting

Youtube                           |   Parker & Olive...                       |  Lead/Co-Creator

Iron Relic Entertainment  |   The Date                                  |   Lead

Blake Ward                      |   Sounds of Summer Short          |   Lead


LightSail Ent "Soma Fashion"  |   Fowl Seas VR        |   Supporting

Veva Entertainment                  |   IResist                   |  Lead

Amazon Kindle UK                   | Amazon Kindle        |   Featured 

Veva Entertainment                 |   MaxWest Telecom  |  Featured Dancer

LightSail Ent. "Soma Fashion   |   Haunted VR           |  Featured Dancer/Model

Soma Fashion                           |   Underwater VR      |  Featured Dancer 

Theater (select)

BoomStick Theater          |   Toxic Avenger The Musical                        | Principle

About Productions          |   Evangeline: Queen of Make Believe           |  Supporting 

Malestrom Inc                 |   Snowed Inn                                               |  Principle 

Rockwell Table & Stage   |   Starry: A New Musical                              |  Ensemble/Featured

BoomStick Theater          |   Funeral Potatoes                                       |  Principle/US 

Caroline Dunnaway        |  Killing Your Boss                                        | Supporting/Ensemble 

Stage/Live Performance (select)

Cool Beans Comedy |   Stand-Up Comedy Shows            |  Live Comic 


Fox Entertainment   |   Teen Choice Awards Post Party   |  Atmosphere Dancer

Anime Expo             |   Jazz Cat Experience                    |  Featured Dancer

Syper Arts Studio    |   Golden Stag NYE                        | Featured Dancer

Magic Castle           |  Misty Lee's Magic Shows             | Dancer/Magic Asst.​

El Portal Theater     |  Misty Lee's Bold Magic                | Dancer/Magic Asst.


Sypher Arts Studio  |   LACMA Muse Costume Ball        |  Featured Dancer

Sypher Arts Studio  |   Labyrinth Masquerade ' 11-19    | Featured Dancer

Music Videos (select)

Jeremy Cordy           |   Tomo Nakayama "Roma"                      | Lead 

A Glass or Two Prod  |  "Disturbia" Dance Cover                      | Lead 

Veva Entertainment   | FOZZY "Do you Want To Start A War"  | Featured 

Jeremy Cordy            | Holy Wars "Can't Feel a Thing"              | Dancer

Veva Entertainment   |   Eyes Set to Kill "Infected"                    |  Featured 

The AL1CE Project     |   AL1CE "Mirage"                                  |  Dancer 

Mitchell Federan        |  PixieKill "Chameleon"                          |   Dancer


Toderick Hall              |  Brandy "Lullabye"                                |  Dancer ​ ​


Stand-Up Comedy | Cool Beans Comedy Los Angeles 

Acting/Dance/Scene Study/Musical Theater | Loyola Marymount University

Additional Scene Study: Steven Whelan, Steve Rodriguez, Kurt Koehler 

Classical RAD Ballet, Pointe, World Character Dance, Jazz, Modern | Santa Clarita Ballet 

Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Musical Theater,  Hip Hop, Comp | Loyola Marymount University 


Bachelor of Arts                        |  Dance w/ Minor in Theatre Arts   | Loyola Marymount University

Advanced 1 RAD Certified        |   Classical Ballet                             |  Santa Clarita Ballet Academy

Barworks Mindful Fitness Cert. |   Yogaworks Southbay                    |   Jocelyn K. Levy

Special Skills

Stand-Up Comedian | Narrative Story-Telling Comedic Sets 

Professional Dancer  | Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, Broadway, Partnering, Jazz Funk

Narrative & Comedic Improv | Mary McCusker, Joy Mamey, Corey Martin Craig. 

Singing  | Alto 

Tricks  | Cartwheel, Splits, High Kick, Head Stand, Sommersalt, 

Other Disciplines: Pilates, Yoga, Barworks Cardio Barre, Choreography, Creative Producing, Live Event Production, 

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