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Actor, Dancer, Comedian,
Real Life Fairy

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An Alumni of Loyola Marymount University's Dance and Theatre Program, Lennon currently puts her Bachelor's degree to use as an actor, dancer, and stand-up comedian. Her work can be seen throughout Los Angeles across all artistic mediums. A background in classical dance and a love of musical theater lead Lennon to mastering physical comedy at a young age. A real life Fairy Princess and horror movie aficionado, her dark sense of humor and bubbly personality collide in her stand-up comedy. Currently, you can see Lennon as Pamela Voorhees in the Never Hike Alone sequels on YouTube, as well as in web-shows she helped create and produce such as Parker & Olive, and HashtagLA. You can always catch her doing stand-up comedy around LA, or choreographing and dancing for various Live performances and music videos. 




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